Our Company

Built to cater to your needs

As a company with demonstrated experience in providing construction and restoration services, we’ve taken on numerous projects of different sizes, making us one of the leading builders in the industry. 

Why Choose Us

Extra Peace of Mind

We go the extra mile to ensure our construction services are as assuring and professional as they are safe.

Elite Builders

All projects are carried out by our team of professional builders who have received extensive training.

Priority in Safety

Our team of safety coordinators always ensure our workers are fully equipped with protective gear when working.

Our Company

Safety Driven. Dedicated. Innovative. Friendly.


We strive to reinforce our reputation as a leading restoration company with great customer relationships and outstanding projects.

Our commitment to health and safety.

Ensuring the safety of our employees, building residents and the general public has always been our first priority. While working on projects, we always make sure we’re in compliance with occupational health and safety legislation in Ontario, providing our workers with all the personal protective gear needed. Constantly reviewing our health and safety policy allows us to strive for improvements in an ever-changing industry and remain professional in our practices.

Who We Are

As Solid As Concrete

We are a team of young, energetic construction experts in the restoration industry who build not only robust foundations for buildings that transcend expectations but also engaging relationships with our customers.

Structural Slab Replacement

Traffic Topping Waterproofing Systems

Expansion Joint Replacement & Installation

Chemical Injection Systems

Ramp Replacements & Heating Cable Systems

Column and Wall Replacement/Repairs

Curb, Asphalt and Mastic Replacement

Caulking Applications

Architectural and Elastomeric Coatings

Concrete Repairs

Railings, Window & Door Systems

Deck Waterproofing Systems

Interior Renovations

Interior and Exterior Drain Replacement